Vino Terrano

A ruby red wine with purple reflections, full-bodied, a little sour, with a scent reminiscent of berries. Terrano wine is deeply bound to this land. Only here, in fact, where the clay is rich in ferrous substances, this grape variety can be grown.

 Vino Vitovska

Vitovska is a white grape variety traditionally cultivated in the Trieste countryside, especially in the municipalities of Sgonico and Duino, but nowadays it is common cultivated along the coast of Istria too.

The vine's name is surely of Slovenian origin, where it was sometimes also called Vitovska Garganija.

It is believed that it first appeared in Vitovlie, along the Vipacco river in Slovenia and is commonly cultivated in the whole Carso area. Vitovska used to be blend with black grapes but nowadays it vinified alone.

 Vino Malvasia

The Istrian Malvasia grape variety gives a yellow-straw colored wine with golden highlights. The Istrian Malvasia has a midsummer fruit and geranium note, dry and elegant, slightly citrine and with a scent of apricot.

 Prosciutti salami formaggi miele
Ham, salami, bacon, sausage, cheese, honey

All meat products are handmade and produced from our pigs. We derive from our pigs ham, bacon and salami sausages that are handcrafted by people we trust. Everything that is produced can be found on the table of our osmiza. That's why we offer you simple and genuine products.

From our bees using natural techniques derive honey.