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Vendemmia 2013
Raccolta olive

We are a small production company, but with our work and our passion we want to promote the products of our land, making them available to consumers and tourists, thus discovering the variety and beauty of the area.

Until recently, an overly restrictive interpretation of EU regulations has prevented the full development of organizations such as ours. starting in 2010 he was promoted to a food security project, called Local Small Productions (PPL) , which takes into account the principles of proportionality and flexibility to enable the production of safe food without an excessive bureaucratic burden.

In our niche products are the characters that distinguish them: the local origin of the raw material, limits the amount that can be processed and those related to the field of sales.

L'azienda agricola partecipa al progetto:

Piccole produzioni locali FVGPiccole produzioni locali
regione Friuli Venezia Giulia

Osmiza Boris

The current holder of this osmiza is Mr. Boris Pernarcic, but the founder was the father of Federico, said Mirko, still in the 70s. Boris points out, in order to to increase the supply of traditional osmize, if a holder is also registered as a farmer is then authorized to purchase certain products from many farms in the municipality, in his case the cheese that comes from his cousin in Visogliano.

This Osmiza allows the families to have a little extra income, which is regularly reinvested in the processing of land and infrastructure. Mr. Pernarcic Another significant note is the explanation of how the osmiza also plays an important social role: in fact, this may be a point of meeting place for the inhabitants of the country or not, and today meeting places like this are steadily decreasing.

The name derives historically from osem in slovenian means eight; osmize in the past were required to remain open for eight days in a row to sell their products.

Regarding the food, the meats are the traditional ones ( with nice hams hanging in the basement masonry ) and then talk about what the Pernarcic have special: ranging from pickles and pickled products in the company to the various types of cheese or more vegetables and, well conclude, cakes, homemade and at the discretion of the owners. White wines are Vitovska and Malvasia, which in part are also bottled; alternatively you can take a red wine Teran.

As part of our continuous renewal and entice people to attend the osmiza, Boris Pernarcic is always looking for innovations, which in 2011 was represented dall'aperitivo agriculture; in fact, we know that the drink is a growing fashion among young people, then it was decided to invent something similar with local products, mainly directed to the boys returning from the sea in summer: spritz or glass of Vitovska, sandwich with melted cheese and a tasty sauce to cucumber - tomato - chili oil with basil! To finish the innovative proposal, a good skewer ham/melon.

Before they leave, you can buy a jar of honey produced in the Karst by his wife Patricia, and seasonal products such as vegetables, sausages, wine vinegar and soon... olive oil!

Boris e Patrizia Osmiza Boris Alloggio Agrituristico